Welcome 2019

Happy New Year, another year landing at our shores bringing hope. Lets Welcome 2019.

Dear 2019

Welcome, we were so eagerly waiting for your arrival. To be frank, equally excited when your sibling 2018 came but what a disappointment her stay was. After a painful demonetisation in 2016 and equally troubling GST in 2017, Indians were hoping for some respite in 2018. But then she took all of us on a roller-coaster ride for her 365 days stay. Economics and Politics were her prime victims. When world economy was appearing set on track, She wrecked markets with US-China trade dispute, rising Crude Price, Volatile Currency market and whoa !! by end of the year, Asia alone lost $5trillion in market capitalisation. Her flirtation with nationalism and nationalist leaders meant world became a battleground for world leaders like Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Xi, Saudi Prince and so on. Suddenly the world and  India is back to square one, with politics means Migrant & Mandir and economy is Protectionism & loan waiver. It’s like one step forward and 2 backward.

Let me also give credit where it’s due to 2018. She helped in setting new milestone on personal freedom and women empowerment. “Metoo” movement gave voice to women around the world, LGBT community won legal battles in across globe including India where law against it got repealed. Saudi has allowed driving to women, India is getting its Triple Talaq scrubbed, Court has permitted women entry into temple and dargahs. There is worldwide lash back against Internet giants who are infringing into private lives and making mockery of privacy.

You have lot on platter dear, to reverse economic and political back to normal and keep the momentum on progressive social agenda. Get the climate change debate back on table. Realign nationalism with global good.

I wish you a happy stay. Let’s start the journey.

Yours truly

third person

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